Dr.N. Maragatham, Principal - 2018 onwards

Education is making every individual fit for survival”  – Mahatma Gandhi

Adorned with an iconic oeuvre of eminent intellect, adept administrative acumen and insightful vision, Dr.N.Maragatham is an epitome of unrelenting fortitude and unswerving definitude for which she is widely admired and revered. With well-espoused vibrant charisma and scintillating futuristic spirit, she evinces her staunchest efforts to accomplish totality and integrity. Enabling effective discharge of the office both as an Educator and the Controller of Examinations, she has rendered a greatly commendable venture.

A cozy blend of academic expertise and psychotherapeutic leanings, Dr.N. Maragatham has shown a keen interest in enhancing the students’ active learning by extending her invaluable support to overcome their mental pressures. For the most part, she is known for her humane, fair-minded and empathetic approach towards the staff and the students. To spur scholastic excellence, she strives to ensure an intellectually stimulating ambience and an apt platform for the young scholars to augment their knowledge and stay befitting in this fast-expanding global scenario.