• Empowerment of women through quality education


  • To nurture human values through value based education
  • To provide educational opportunities to the rural backward and down-trodden women
  • To make the first generation scholars globe-trotters and nation builders
  • To address the major concerns of our society through new teaching and learning methodologies
  • To transform the youth into excellent performers for national development

Our College Emblem

  • The ideals and values which we cherish are symbolically represented in our college emblem
  • The Lotus, our national flower, symbolises the blooming of young minds in the light of knowledge
  • The ears of paddy and sugarcane represent prosperity which all our villages should enjoy
  • The “Olaichuvadi” stands as the basic of our ancient educational traditions
  • The “Pavaivilakku” brings out the importance of women’s education
  • The light of knowledge, emanating from educated women dispels the darkness of ignorance and guides us along the path of knowledge
  • The temple on the hill focuses attention on the fact that it is only the Creator who can guide man in his pursuit of true knowledge and peace and lead him to the pinnacle of glory
  • Our motto - – let our thoughts be noble ones – emphasises that high thinking is essential
  • It is only high thinking that gives proper direction to all our activities